Contra Remix

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The Loading Screen, click on the picture to download the mod from rapidshare

The Pendaelose Remix of Contra beta.03


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If you do not already have any version of Contra installed on your system:

  1. place the Contra.Big file in your Zero hour data folder or where ever you installed Zero Hour 
  2. place the in your ZeroHourMainFolder/data/scripts folder
  3. If you don't have a scripts folder you can make a new folder and name it scripts, but it has to be in ZeroHourMainFolder/data.
  4. Place the Generals.csf file in your ZeroHourMainFolder/data/english (this will make the Mod English instead of Russian)

    If you do have ANY VERSION of contra already installed just replace the exsisting Contra.big and with the new copies from this Rar

This is a cumalitive patch, it includes all previous work and no incrimental patching is needed.



Suggestions for playing

  • If super weapon's SDI is pissing you off, try rushing it from multiple directions and get in close under its MIN range.  the slow turret traking makes it tough to hit units that are 90degrees apart.  OR (my favorite) drop thier power and capture the SDI (make sur you have 20 free power first).. watch it turn around and burn SW's base down.
  • If Flame China's MSP-4As give you grief, build some Tanks  (battlemasters or crusaders are ideal) and get in close.  The MSP-4A has a very unforgiving minimum range and weak armor.
  • If the Littlebird bothers you, invest in some air-to-air,  one or two missles should kill the littlebird.
  • If the ECM supprt plane is shutting you down every time, try fanning your units out really wide and have lots of gattling tanks (you should have this to fight Air USA already) covering your front line from a little ways back.
  • If you are getting shot up by the Iron Dragon Air ro Air is your best response.

    for any other worries just post them on



AirForce General

  1. Heavy EMP supprt Plane
  2. Mircowave Plane
  3. particle cannon is replaced by 5 b-b1 bombers
  4. B-1b cluster bomber 
  5. 108mm artillery tank

Cyber General

  1. A10Thunderbolt
  2. Apache
  3. New commanche weapon
  4. LittleBird (a Helocopter Spotter for A10s)
  5. Tomahawk storm does significantly more damage to a smaller area.
  6. ManHunter mech
  7. TankHunter mech
  8. ranger and missile defender replaced with sentry and missile drone
  9. UCAV
  10. Cluster Tomahawk tank

Superweapon General

  1. SDI cannon now works as a super-base defense against ground and air (sorry guys, couldn't get anti-balistic missle to work out)
  2. popup patriot missile
  3. patriot tank


Flame General

  1. Firestorm Iron Dragon
  2. MSP-4A fire support tank and turrets have replaced flame china's gattling weapons.
  3. Scorched Earth Artillery Superweapon
  4. Efreet dual flame tank
  5. Smerch Turret

Nuke General

  1. Retaliator Iron Dragon
  2. MSP-2a nuke missile defense

Infantry General

  1. Howitzer Iron Dragon
  2. Wheeled tanks
  3. Light tank
  4. Defense Foundation sites

Assault General

  1. Mammoth Tank
  2. Mig 19 interceptor
  3. SCUD Turret

Creator; maker of Contra Mod, I just edited it.  Creator deserves most all credit.
The_Hunter; the excelent TOS MLRS model.
stack111; webmaster

and me pendaelose